Building Human Resilience


  • All property owners and renters in Springfield have homeowners, renters, or business-owners insurance.
  • All residences include air conditioning. Just as landlords are required to include heating in the winter, they will be required to provide cooling in the summer.

The topic of resilience covers all aspects of human life, as we recognize that poverty (resulting low rates of home ownership), systemic racism, inequitable access to opportunity, disproportionately high rates of preventable disease, and other facts of life for many Springfield residents make them increasingly vulnerable to severe weather disasters. There are initiatives underway in the City that are working to increase human resilience, and this plan supports and affirms the importance of those plans’ and projects’ successful implementation. Two aspects of human resilience emerged as priorities after the many disasters of 2011: the importance of air conditioning and the need for property insurance for home-owners, renters and business owners. Our research indicates that no one existing plan highlights these needs, so they are included here.




  1. Utilities and other collaborators should create a program to provide super energy efficient air conditioners (AC) to homeowners and renters who do not have access, contingent upon completion of a MassSave home energy assessment (HEA) and full implementation of the recommended energy efficiency home improvements to the maximum $2,000 incentive.
  2. City, Strong, Healthy and Just implementation team, businesses, and anchor institutions should create a program to provide low or no cost (as needed) property insurance coverage to all vulnerable homeowners and renters.
  3. Research the feasibility of adopting a new building requirements for AC in all new development and major rehabilitation work over a certain size (not single family homes).
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