Efficiently Using Energy


  • Increase the rate of energy efficiency (EE) audits by 20% by 2020 (and increasingly each decade to achieve 80% reductions by 2050).
  • Increase number of housing units that complete recommendations generated by EE audits to 100% by 2025.


The vast majority of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from heating, cooling, and using electricity in buildings. In addition to “greening the grid”, we must do everything we can to make our buildings energy efficient so that we are not wasting precious money and resources. To assess progress toward the goals articulated below, we will need more data. Specifically, we need to understand the baseline of home energy assessments in Springfield per year, the completion rate sorted by income, and the baseline of implementation of recommended improvements. The Strong, Healthy, and Just work group stresses the importance of ensuring collaboration between existing (and future) initiatives, including but not limited to: Springfield Partners for Community Action (SPCA), Healthy Homes, the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, and MassSave. The working group acknowledges that most people are aware of MassSave and the availability of robust energy efficiency incentives in Massachusetts, but that awareness does not by itself translate into action.




  1. Form intentional partnerships between landlords, housing court, receivers, businesses, and the Springfield Housing Authority, and support neighborhoods in marketing Mass Save.
  2. Help homeowners (and rental property owners) to participate fully in all eligible MassSave programs through a potential ordinance or incentive such as decreasing property taxes for participants; implementing national best practices for energy efficiency in rental properties; low or no cost AC and property insurance; and a possible expansion of planned ‘Healthy Homes’ initiative.
  3. Create an energy performance tracking and annual reporting system for commercial and multi-family properties.


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