Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Overview

Goal: Work toward zero waste

Most of the waste management strategies included below focus on people’s behavior, including reducing consumption, and reusing and recycling waste. The City’s waste processing system does not generate a significant amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (less than 1% of the total) as waste management innovations are underway. The City adopted single stream recycling and composts yard waste, and the Commonwealth has aggressive bans on materials going into landfills, such as food waste and demolition debris. Finally, the city is served by a waste-to-energy processing plant. Ongoing assessment and a commitment to optimize the collection and transportation process could reduce GHG emissions from truck pickups.




  1. Explore alternative waste solutions to the current trash fee model, especially those included in the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s 2013 Solid Waste Master Plan, Pathway to Zero Waste, to reduce the amount of waste being sent for incineration.
  2. Use regulatory means (as possible) to promote, require, and/or incentivize alternatives to traditional building demolition, such as rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, relocation and deconstruction.
  3. Implement awareness and information campaigns to:
    • “Buy Smart” (plan before purchasing, buy local, give gifts of experience, purchase durable goods),
    • re-use,
    • borrow, share, & rent items, and
    • fix and maintain.
  4. Adopt a plastic bag ban and polystyrene ban.
  5. Implement awareness and information campaigns for reducing the volume of food waste generated in homes, promoting proper food storage, & meal planning.
  6. Implement awareness and information campaigns to avoid e-waste, encourage recycling, and buying environmental friendly electronics.
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